Monday, January 23, 2006

Indian Blogging Scene

"I am the only one who does not have my own blog", cried out my friend Mahesh.

He was venting out his frustration when he learnt of my blog. In the hindsight, thoughts raced across my mind of how strongly the netizens in India had taken to blogging. Well, for most, it might be a passing fad. However, for the rest the feeling of having a blog where you could scribble your mind, sculpt opinions, get a fan-following and most importantly have a self carved space whose sole landlord is you - is quite liberating.

I have been following some of the wonderfully written and regularly updated blogs by Indians on the web since the last year. Some of the best blogs are India-Uncut by Amit, Just A Little Something by Anita Bora ( more of a photoblog ), Kartik Kannan's Space by Kartik, Kamat's Potpourri by Vikas. For a full listing of Indian Bloggers who have carved a niche for themselves in the overcrowded e-world, go here. Though the list is a bit outdated, it still provides links to some great blogs.

Enjoy some Desi content.....Signing off for now, VJ

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DA said...

Don't forget to mention yourself VJ :-) You have an interesting blog over here. (Thx for your comment btw).

Best wishes,

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