Friday, January 27, 2006

Scene 101, Take 1, Lights... Camera... Blog..................CUT..CUT

An Aamir Khan fan to the core, I am waiting for the chance to watch his latest flick 'Rang De Basanti'. Amidst the hype surrounding the film, the controversies that dogged it in its pre-release days, the marketing strategies being used by Aamir which include partnering with IT players like LG & Microsoft India, my brother surprised me by mentioning that Aamir had even taken to blogging to promote his movie.

I was flabbergasted. When did Aamir's "B for Bollywood" change to "B for Blogging"?

I did a bit of Internet combing and eventually lay my hands on the site link from India Uncut, another of my favorite blogs. I directed my browser to his blogspace that was hosted on MSN Spaces with lots of anticipation and zealousness.

Booh !!! It turned out to be a fruitless exercise. Not that the site was not there. There was no Aamir Khan posting at the site. A few pics of Aamir, the film cast, et al. I was sorely disappointed. Well, as some consolation there is a third-party written bio data of Aamir. If after all this Aamir bashing that I have done, you are still interested in visiting the blog, here it is.

While I was analyzing why Aamir had embarked on and thrown water on the thousands of his fans who might be visiting his so called 'Blog', it occurred to me that Microsoft India was using this as a way to promote their MSN Spaces, a free blogging site. After all they are this film's promotional partners. "It deserves to be called a Bulletin and not a blog", says Rajesh, my friend and editor of AlooTechie. Rightly said so, Rajesh.

If things are twisted out of context to this extent by misleading fans, what more could we expect from the others. Hopefully LG does not start sending out messages like "Sms 'AAMIR' to 7827 and receive personalized replies".

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Anonymous said...

Is a good movie were in all characters r given a equal role

Good one

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