Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Information Technology + Indian Advertisement Brains = Awesome Ad

I received a mail from Ravikiran, one of my school mates who is doing great guns in the Information Technology field these days. It had the subject line titled "Awesome Ad". I was intrigued. I followed the link. And awesome it sure turned out to be...

It was an Flash based ad promoting the popular Indian website The website's chief revenue source is through the online booking of airline tickets for its customers. Started a few years back, its segment base then comprised of people traveling abroad. Information Technology related companies and their employees were the money spinners for this company. However with the Indian domestic airline market seeing a spurt in growth in the last 8-12 months with new players introducing their brand airlines into the Indian airspace segment, the company is on a strong platform to cash in on this new avenue of growth. So how do you target this new audience of middle class Indians who have taken to air-travel like never before, thanks to the rock bottom air prices?

Simple....Take 1 part of Bollywood (the Hollywood of India) stuff and 1 part of creativity and stir them well. What you get is a creative idea that is embellished in this 'Awesome Ad'. The concept aims to goad and stir people into giving up the hugely popular Railways mode of transport and start embracing Air Travel. You gotta watch the ad to realize what I am saying. Follow this link.

Awesome ad - Enjoy !!!


Amit Kumar said...

REally awesome!!!!

Potter said...

Good article. Indicates a new trend in net based advertising.
BTW, how did you say that Ravi is doing great guns in the industry? Just kidding... ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Indian Travel Space is really becoming hot and now we see advertising getting innovative to attract different segment of Indian population.

But whether advertising will define long-term success from a business perspective or customer service thats a big question.

I know of a good travel site I visited and when I compare this with makemytrip, it has a lot to offer in a very neat and clean way. They don't have a powerful advertising campaign but excellent customer service.

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