Information Technology Predictions - Stars on the Rise

I was perusing the Sunday Deccan Herald when my eyes fell on the weekly horoscope column by Lalitha Murali, titled "What's on the cards?". Though not a believer of the stuff written in these columns, they do come handy when I want to rid myself of the boredom that sets in on Sunday evenings.

I went through all the Zodiac signs till my sight was arrested at Virgo. What was written was something as below :

Did you see what I saw ? Yes, 'Job Seekers and those in the IT field do well'.

When did the planets start prophescizing solely for the Information Technology workers. Or did they too undergo a software version upgrade to acquire this new capability?

Definitely some thing to scratch our heads about.


Rajit said…
Funny indeed!
On a similar lines, I used to wonder how people who read hands can predict whether a person will travel abroad or not. How can the science of palmistry take account of the geographical boundaries?