Reverse Brain Drain

In my school days, I had attended a debate where the topic on discussion was the Brain Drain that was happening from India of the unique talent that was being churned out by our eminent schools like the IITs and the IIMs. The biggest beneficiary was the United States with it absorbing nearly 60-70 % of the Indian talent.

Then started the Information Technology boom that triggered off another mass brain drain wave. Uncle Sam was waving at every middle class Indian to come and make the Land of Plenty his/her home.

However, we seem to be seeing a reverse brain drain in the last three years since the GDP growth rate of the country went above the 7.5 %. The very same people who went to the US are planning a grand return back home and US is not a very alluring country for the new generation Indians.

Times Of India had an article that underlined my feelings and was highlighting the fact that information Technology workers do not find in the US the same rosy appeal that was present the last decade. Be it in terms of Research, Academics, the phoren LifeStyle, Consumerism, the 'Hip-n-Hep Cool Factor' of the movie industry, or the Infrastructure, India seems to be coming up with an answer for all of them with a counter attraction. However the most important change is that India is also providing its citizens with the all important MONEY to enjoy and bask in all this.

Enjoy the full article at Times of India


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