Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ten Point Agenda of the Information Technology Department of India

I happened to drop by the official site of the Indian government's Ministry For Information Technology at I almost fell for its unique name confusing it with the better known MIT.

Of all the things that interested me was the Ten Point Agenda that Dayanidhi Maran, Minister for Information Technology had envisioned for the country during his 5 year tenure. My worst fears that they would be outdated turned false to my relief. The agenda is indeed wisely setup and the union government seems to be on track to achieve a majority of them. (refer to my previous posts and some of the future ones that I will posting)

For your curiosity, I summarize the Ten points as stated by the minister

  1. I shall do my best to expedite the Convergence of Technologies.
  2. I shall be stressing on E- governance.
  3. Broadband Connectivity at reasonable prices to all.
  4. Leapfrog to Next Generation Mobile Wireless Technologies.
  5. National Internet Exchange and Indian Domain Name.
  6. Migration to New Internet Protocol IPv6.
  7. Security & Digital Signature and Cyber Infrastructure Protection in the fields of finance, judiciary and education.
  8. Media Lab Asia program of the government to focus on seamless communication connectivity to rural areas, extend quality healthcare services to remote areas using telemedicine and internet, improve literacy through distance education using Information and communication technology, promote development and availability of low-cost PCs.
  9. Language Computing in major regional languages.
  10. Outsourcing Skilled Manpower and R&D Thrust.

For a detailed agenda, go here

I would have loved to see two more points up there.

One, a point to prod and promote Indian software companies to develop indigenous software application packages that capture niche market areas and get adopted as the de-facto software in that field. That would speak volumes of the abilities of Indian coding geeks.

Two, a point emphasizing the need to come out with hybrid applications and services that would result due to the intermingling of the Information Technology field with the emerging BioTechnology and NanoTechnology fields.

Well desires are limitless. Hope to see them in some form in the upcoming agenda of the Indian Information Technology ministry.

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Anand Gadiyar said...

Just wondering... Did you use the link on the site to write to the minister and ask him to add those two points to the list? If not, what're you waiting for? :-)

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