Friday, March 17, 2006

After BPO...KPO...what ? Funnier side of Outsourcing

What is the next big wave after BPO(Business Process Outsourcing)? Ummm...must be KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing), right ? After KPO....what is the next big wave? Ummm...not sure.

Just like you and me, people have applied thought and come to the conclusion of what could be the next big wave of jobs that could help change India, transform the nation, empower the people. Well, atleast on a humourous note, one person is sure of what that will be. It will be SPO (Strong Protest Outsourcing).

Guessing what it might be......Well let me just give a hint...

The author bases his argument on the implicit nature of Indians. He feels the very fact that nothing pleases us can become our strong point. Our day starts with protests. Why did the paper not come today ? Why milk is creamish in color ? Who the hell does Laloo think he is that he is celebrating Holi in such a grand way? We don't even bother whether we are part of the affected group before we start protesting. We don't even need to know what the issue at hand is... Such is our nature.

Now if we convince the developed countries that their income is too valuable to be invested in protests, they will be better off outsourcing it to India. Be it a protest against the Bush government or the protest against cartoon of Prophet Mohammed by the Danish cartoonists, we excel in it. It does not bother us who Bush is or whether we have seen the cartoons ourselves. We still protest. Well here is the complete excerpt from the guy himself.....Madman's New Outsourcing Opportunity

Enjoy !!!

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