Information Technology Aided Malpractice

Cheating in Exams is not something new for Indian exam invigilators. What is new, though is the onslaught they are facing from the products of Information Technology innovation which are abetting this social crime. To what extent these information dispersion devices could be used in aiding copying in examinations, was amply demonstrated during the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations conducted by AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences ) recently.

The doctors from Delhi, who took the tech-savvy route to pass the exams in flying colors would put to shame any IT gadget geek. They made use of Docu-Pens and Bluetooth & Multimedia messaging enabled mobile phones in their dubious attempt. Docu-Pens are small sized hand-held scanners that can scan entire A4 sized pages in less than 5-6 seconds. They scanned question papers this way and transferred the scanned contents to their Mobile phones via Bluetooth technology, that enables two devices to talk to each other wirelessly within short distances. The mobile phones then beamed these questions via Multimedia messaging to their accomplices sitting in Pondicherry and Madurai ( half way across the country ). These people immediately sent back the answers via SMS (Short Messaging Service ). What do you say to this now !!! Even as I condemn their vile act, I am stumped at the genius in them that was at work. If only they had used this genius to work hard for their exams.

Now cooling their heels in police custody are a total of 28 such doctors and the police suspect that there might have been more. Information Technology is surely having its impact on the country in more than few ways.

Times Of India