Jaipur Cows Go Hi-Tech

Its official. Jaipur ( Rajasthan ) cows are going to be electronically tagged. Tired of stray cows left by their owners to roam about the city streets, the municipal councilors have sought the aid of technology.

"Most owners after milking their cows leave them on the streets to forage for food. Such cows not only interrupt the traffic flow but also die after consuming plastic bags and poisonous substances," one official said. The idea is to allot a unique number to each cow in the city and electronically tag them with that number. This, the municipality aims to achieve by, placing a small chip behind each cow's ear. The tag will also have details of the bovine's owner.

A cow caught wandering aimlessly on the streets would be detained and handed back to the owner after he coughs up a hefty fine. If the same owner defaults four times, the cows caught on the streets would not be returned to him/her. Quite a nice idea !!!

The officials are hoping not only to procure a computerized list of the city's cows, but also decongest the city roads a fair bit by implementing this step. Hope the cows have enough to MOO about in the coming days.


Razib Ahmed said…
Interesting news but innovative idea. Hopefully, other Indian cities can learn from this idea. Other SOuth Asian countries can get benefitted too if the prject goes well.
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