Mumbai's Dabbawallah Goes Online

Who does not know of the famous Mumbai Dabbawallah ? The famed social enterprise group that collects and delivers a record 1,75,000 lunch boxes to office gores in Mumbai, all within a span of 2-3 hours. The group that comprises of around 4,500 semi literate individuals who know which lunch box needs to go to what corner of Mumbai merely by looking at 3-4 painted characters on the lunch box. The group that has earned a Six Sigma that places it in the elite group comprising of MNCs like GE (General Electric) and Motorola. Just one mistake for every 80,00,000 ( 8 million) lunch boxes delivered requires Six Sigma to be redefined.

The Dabbawallahs or officially the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association ( MTBSA ), a 120 year old institution has now placed a foot in E-space. They have opened a new website where new customers can subscribe to their service online at Though the website lacks the professional touch, it still would be a big step, if it serves its intended purpose.

It also has a gallery where you could buy certain merchandise. The photo gallery is one sure stop you need to visit as it contains some rare photos of dabbawallah's encounters with world famous personalities. Quite a few interesting articles on the dabbawallahs make the visit worthwhile.