Friday, March 24, 2006

Now Laptops for Indian Kids

Kids in the developing world including India can look forward to a whole new computing experience. The non-profit organization 'One Laptop Per Child' (OLPC) hand in hand with MIT Media Labs, USA has come up with a revolutionary concept of a $ 100 crankable laptop to be distributed among children in the developing world. Sounds crazy !!! Don't jump the wire just yet.
  1. The laptop has a sturdy plastic casing and is powered by a hand cranked lever.
  2. The screen is a low cost LCD display that can switch between color and black & white modes to conserve power.
  3. The insides of the laptop hold a 500 MHz processor linked to a 128 MB DRAM ( Dynamic RAM ) and opens up to the outside world through 4 USB ports.
  4. Storage is through a 500 MB Flash memory.
  5. A one minute winding on the attached crank powers up the device for up to 10/40 minutes in color / B&W modes.
  6. Built in wireless cards ensure that all kids with these laptops in the local environs will automatically form a peer-to-peer sharing group the moment they switch on their laptops.
  7. In addition to all these the laptop can be conveniently folded and the power adapter doubles up as the handle for the case.
Absolutely no moving parts in the kids' hands. Cheap, Innovative and Creative in cutting down on cost and making it kids-prank proof !!!

Envisioned by Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT Media Labs, OLPC has the backing of Information Technology giants like Google , AMD ( Advanced Micro Devices ), News Corporation, Nortel, Red Hat and Brightstar who also are the project's founding members.

Mr Negroponte points out on his website , "Laptops are both a window and a tool: a window into the world and a tool with which to think. They are a wonderful way for all children to learn learning through independent interaction and exploration." He also reveals that 100 million laptop is what OLPC is aiming at manufacturing. The distribution is set to begin late 2006.

Kids with these laptops - will sure a fine pair make where learning is concerned.

Added on 1st Feb 2009 - Read "India annouces $10 Laptop"

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Avi said...

Combine the laptop with this:
and nothing can stop India's kids!

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