5 Unique Indian Websites

This has been a long overdue project of mine. I was making note of Indian websites that were unique in terms of their content, design, theme, the service they provide or the audience they reach out to. I present the 5 best of them that I felt deserved a round of applause for the freshness they inject in to the Indian presence on the Information Superhighway.

1. Good News India - www.goodnewsindia.com

"News from India : of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known" That truly summarizes the type of news that this site brings forth to its readers. If you are tired of the daily ramblings that our regular news sites carry of loot, rape, murder, unjust laws, corrupt politicians, crumbling infrastructure, etc, then make it a point to start your day with a dose this site. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

News samples from the site :
  • Bio diesel goes from lab to land
  • A magic wand to zap plastics
  • India to prepay World and Asian Dev Banks
  • The Ganga in the sky - Rain water harvesting in Tamil Nadu
  • Digging deep into Sanskrit - Uncovering the language's secrets

2. Indian Bloggers - www.indianbloggers.com

The best among Indian Blog directories that I have come across till time. With 22 categories ranging from Arts, Business right till Travel and Video Games, Indian Bloggers is unique directory that caters to the Indian Blogging Community. Any blogger can get his site listed under one of the 22 categories and is assigned a rank under the category based on the traffic inflow to him. However what is impressive is the list of great blogs that the directory encompasses. A good site to peruse through whenever you have time and the fingers are itching to do some quality browsing.

3. Indian President's Website - http://presidentofindia.nic.in/

An absolutely stunning site in terms of the look, the elegance and even the content. Upholds the dignity of the office of the Indian President. Contains a complete section devoted to the current president, his interests, his writings, his poetry, etc. A section too on the Rastrapati Bhavan, the grand home of the Indian President, the rich floral gardens surrounding the building, a panoramic view of the Bhavan, etc. A portion of the website also speaks of the Vision 2020 that the current president A P J Abdul Kalam envisions for India. A site that would definitely bring out the patriotism in you.

4. Mysore Palace - www.mysorepalace.org

A rich tourism site that will beat any foreign tourist website hands down. Crafted in Flash technology, the site is on the heavier side with respect to graphics, but that should be expected of a site in this legion aiming to bowl visitors over. The site, a government venture provides in depth information to tourists visiting Mysore, the erstwhile princely state known for its luxury, the opulence, the arts and the glamour in its hey days. It also provide package deals to tourists who can book Dussera festival tickets in advance. Overall a site that will throw you off your feet with its grandeur.

5. Kosmix - www.kosmix.com

A search engine launched by two Indians, Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, both alumni of Stanford University is unique because of two things. One its search is based on categories like Medical , Technology, Travel . etc. Though limited right now to Medical category, the Kosmix developers plan to introduce other categories soon. The other, coz it is being touted as a Google Killer app. Now that's something we need to wait and watch..

How is Kosmix different from other search engines? Hear it from the horse's mouth

"At Kosmix, we have taken a different approach to helping people learn and discover through searching. When you need to learn about a medical condition, you want to see comprehensive results from the most authoritative medical sources. You also want to expand your base of knowledge by tapping into sources that don't show up in the top ten queries on most search engines. Kosmix helps you discover new sources of great health information by showing a number of different health categories for you to learn from, and providing in-depth results for all those categories. So whether you are looking for expert information to clinical trials, Kosmix can help you find those results quickly and easily."

Hope you enjoyed surfing through the sites as much as I enjoyed compiling them for you.


Bit Hawk said…
Nice one Vijay! I loved the Mysore Palace website.
aseem jain said…
hi this was an amazing work i couldnt find the presidents site and now i am able ot visit it thansk a lot
Vignanam said…
Nice sites. Never heard about presidents site. I have another good site on India. http://www.bharatadesam.com - One of this nice site I have recently come across.