Get Jobs via Satellite Placement Service

Engineering Graduate students in Karnataka never had it so good. First it was the clubbing together of the six universities* in the state to form a single state-wide university, the Vishweshwaraiyya Technological University ( VTU) in 2001. Students were spared of the torturous decision of which university to join in addition to what college they need to choose.

Now VTU has gone a step further and made their post-graduation life much simpler. The first challenge that any graduate faces when he is one the threshold of stepping into the job world, is that of a decent job. Traveling to urban cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Hubli, attending numerous interview calls, writing all sorts of tests that evaluate one's skills were all tough for students scattered across the state. And to top it all, the anguish resulting from a corporate/company visiting a neighbouring college and ignoring the students of other nearby colleges.

Now information technology has come to the aid of these students. VTU authorities have come up with a VTracU ( We Track You ) program that aims at providing a placement service to the benefit of students of the 120 odd engineering colleges affiliated to the University. The key points of this program are

  • Use the EduSAT network of Indian satellites to beam to the colleges, pre-placement talks, assessments and orientation talks by companies to all the colleges.
  • Conduct a one and a half hour assessment test for all candidates to asses their verbal, quantitative, analytical and communication skills.
  • Publish the results to be analysed by the recruiters who will then publish then intimate the short listed candidates.
The advantages seem to be many
  • Recruiters need not hip-hop across the state visiting all the colleges
  • Each candidate will be given a unique score-report that also indicates areas where he can improve to enhance his employability rates
  • Colleges can be given a summary report of how there candidates fared vis-a-vis the other college candidates.
  • Rural and Urban candidates stand an equal chance in terms of opportunities.

VTU plans to roll out this program on April 7th this year when companies like Hewlett Packard (HP), Cognizant, IBM, Accenture, Intel, TESCO, Verizon will be providing pre-placement talks via EduSAT to all colleges. B.E., M.E. and M.Tech. students are eligible to participate.

A level playing ground would please and boost the interest in this unique experiment by the VTU authorities.

Foot Notes
* Banaglore Univ., Kuvempu Univ., Mysore Univ., Gulbarga Univ., Mangalore Univ., Karnataka Univ.


Anonymous said…
can u guys put up the minimum qualification for the students. then put up the date when the test is conducted and the venue
Anonymous said…
this comment is for vtu chancellor
balveer reddy ,
plz make the revalution process faster and send the results as soon as possible. actually valution is not up to the mark. we have to read for the subject which we have written very nicely again .so if u send us the revalution results quickly we would concentrate on other subject which is to be written. then another request their is requirment to study EC FOR CS & IS students,PLZ REMOVE THAT SUBJECT PLZ.