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  • My fingernails are suddenly growing crooked,why?
  • Will yahoo games work on a Sony PSP?
  • Which is the best cooking oil one should use while preparing food?
  • Can cannabis be received in the U S Mail?
  • Cud u plz temme few gud U.S univ's who dnt ask wrk experience 4 pursuing M.B.A?

These are just a few of the questions that Indians have asked since Yahoo India Answers debuted earlier this week. India is the fifth country in which Yahoo has launched Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers was introduced in US in December, 2005 and later in UK, Canada and Australia.

The modus operandi of the site is simple. Register with Yahoo Answers and get started with browsing through questions and answering the ones you want to. You start of with 100 points. Addition of 2 points for every question answered. Minus 5 for every question asked. Plus 10 if your answer gets voted by public as the best answer for a given question.

'Ask questions on any topic and get answers from real people', is the punchline being used to populariz e Yahoo Answers. With the site being the sort of quick socializing place, a boredom dissolver, a cool place to get questions of all kinds of questions answered Yahoo Answers is turning out to be highly addictive too. Yahoo must have done a lot of research on the stickiness of this portal.

Check out the site soon and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. After all as one user put it, "Where the wisdom of crowds outweigh the wisdom of one". Now excuse me while I go and check out if anybody has an answer for my latest question...