Indian IT Companies - Providing more than plain IT services

Globalization is forcing Indian companies to innovate. Among the first ones forced to innovate and stay ahead in the race to remain globally competitive are the Information Technology companies. These were some of the first kids on the block to embrace and expand into the grand global tap dance that is globalization.

One strange innovation that came to my notice was the one that Wipro, the Bangalore based IT major has embarked upon. Cross Cultural Training, not just for its employees, but for its overseas clients too, as reported by Indian IT Industry blog. Call it extreme innovativeness or need-based experimentation, the program has caught on well with Wipro's clients with the program spread out to 421 customers in 35 countries, through 10 development centers. The company sends trainers abroad to interact with the staff in its MNC clients, apart from organizing training sessions for visiting clients, in Bangalore. This according to Ranjan Acharya (senior Vice-President, Human Resource, Wipro), is an initiative to see how Wipro could meet cross-cultural skills from both ends. "It helps the customer in understanding India and the Indian culture. There are some key differences between the cultures. For example, people in the West are rule bound, and we are relationship bound. The customers feel it’s worthwhile, and it helps the relationship"

Culture transformation that includes Language learning, neuro-linguistic sessions and cross-cultural sensitiveness are all a part of this unique program. The clients that are expressing the highest responsiveness to this program currently are the Japanese clients ( understandably so as given their reluctance to embrace alien work cultures and assimilate them as easily as their Western counterparts ).

Indian Information Technology companies are sure providing more than plain IT services. Understandably so given the stiff competition to retain customers. Leaving no stone unturned in providing 'Customer Delight' and not just 'Customer Satisfaction' is the way to go.


Anonymous said…
Does it involve cultural training for overseas clients only or wipro's osmana university grads to learn english too :)