Saturday, May 06, 2006

Curfew, eh? No Problem, Go for a e-Nikah

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to the rescue of this unfortunate couple. With the road expansion drive in Vadodara city hitting a few stumblers on the way in relation to the demolition of the temples and mosques that have been lying in the centre of the proposed road, Mr Modi, the chief minister clamped a curfew on the city. Caught in the crossfire between the law and the rioters, this couple sought refuge in modern technology.

Having fixed up the time of the nikah(muslim marriage), invited freinds and relatives in the hundreds, little had they expected that the curfew imposed on the city would shed water on all their plans and threaten to ruin their auspicious marriage time. Time was running out and they had to either cancel the event or postpone it. They were also not in a position to meet each other and make the marriage a hush-hush affair.

They decided to have an e-nikah. The bride and the groom called up each other over the phone and the bride uttered the words of consent on being asked for it by a maulvi (holy priest) on the groom's side, "Kubul Hai, Kubul Hai, Kubul Hai".

Read the bride's reaction at The Times of India

Whoever said that technology was mankind's scourge ?

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