India Information Technology Quiz - Betcha you can't answer all !!!

For a change lets have an Information Technology Quiz centred on India. I have selected 20 of the best questions from my repository. Let's see how intensely you keep track of the Indian IT Pulse. Mail me your answers at ( And please, no Googling allowed !!! ).

So here are the questions...

  1. Which state in India was the first one to put forth a dedicated Information Technology policy and when was it?
  2. Which prominent IT city in India is nicknamed Cyberabad?
  3. Expand STPI.
  4. A MNC that outsources to India is colloquially said to have been..........
  5. Of what significance is the phone number 1551 in India?
  6. What was the famous Indian Auction site that Ebay bought over and re-christened it as when it wanted to make its presence felt in India?
  7. Which was the first Indian movie to release its soundtrack on the Internet for sale before it being released offline via cassettes and CDs?
  8. What is the name of India's indigenous accounting package that has thwarted attempts by international software packages like Mircosoft Money to gain control of the Indian market?
  9. What is the name of the Microsoft spearheaded project that aims to empower major Indian languages in the computing arena?
  10. Drishya, Tarang, bFone, CallNow are all names of ICT (Information communication and Technology) related services provided by which ICT company in India ?
  11. Which global IT company re-entered India in 1992 after having been banned (along with another MNC Coca Cola) from conducting business in India in the 1970s?
  12. What famous item in South Indian hotel menus often gets abbreviated on the computerized bill to spell a famous Operating System?
  13. Which Indian IT company's name when expanded stands for Western India Products?
  14. What famous Linux based hand held is used by Bangalore traffic cops to book traffic rule offenders?
  15. What did India's C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune develop after US placed heavy hardware embargo on India following its first nuclear test way back in 1974?
  16. A conversation with a CEO of an Indian IT major helped Thomas L Friedman, the popular New York Times columnist, realize that the 'The World is Flat' (he subsequently penned a book with that very phrase as its title). Who is the CEO in question ?
  17. What is common between the IT companies American Management Systems (AMS), NerveWire, The Reference ?
  18. Which Indian IT company adopted a painting made by a spastic child as its logo?
  19. What is the name of the ambitious satellite program envisaged by the Karnataka government to create IT employment opportunities for the thousands of engineers passing out of its colleges?
  20. What do you think is India's single most important contribution to IT?
Last Date : 18th May,2006 - Answers are Out.