Eight Indian Startups to Watch For...Lo !!! All are IT or ITES companies

Close to an analysis of why Silicon Startups fail to condense in India as readily as they do in the U.S., Red Herring has come out with a special feature that highlights 8 Indian startup companies that need to be placed on the growth radar.

The eight that beat others to the list are...
  • Ascendus Technologies,Bangalore: Aims to build the world’s biggest online training platform for business executives.
  • ConvergeLabs, Gurgaon: markets an "m-commerce" platform called M-Bay that enables payment transactions over mobile phones.
  • Drishtee, Noida: sets up Internet kiosks and trains the owners, who then provide Internet services to mostly uneducated, illiterate, and poor local populations.
  • Hellosoft, Hyderabad: Develop software that improves productivity of chips and mobile devices.
  • IBS, Trivandrum: Develops Logistics software for transport companies like the shipping and airline industry.
  • NowPos Online Services, Secunderabad: Provide Voicemail to rural citizens for whom language is a barrier.
  • Ocimum Biosolutions, Hyderabad: Sells software-tracking tools to research labs around the world.
  • Softjin Technologies,Bangalore: Customized tools for Electronic Design Automation for chip companies across the world
One thing stared at me from the list. All the companies listed were either IT or ITES ( IT Enabled Services) companies. That, I would say should speak volumes of how important Information Technology has turned out to be for governments, businesses and societies alike. It also should be an eye opener to the IT doomsday predictors