India IT News Capsule - June 2006, Issue 7

  • Nokia and Motorola unveil 5 new handsets each: Cellular providers Nokia and Motorola unveiled 5 new handsets each to unleash a fresh wave of competition to capture Asian markets, chiefly the burgeoning Indian market. Nokia takes the total phone models released this year to 23 in India.
  • TCS eyeing South American markets: Fresh from the boost TCS has got by bagging 2 South American orders, Tata Consultancy services is also planning on setting up BPO offices in the emerging markets to offset rising wages in India.
  • Kavveri Telecom bags 120 million rupees order: Kavveri Telecom equipment maker has obtained an order from Bharat Electronics to supply equipment worth 120 million rupees.
  • IIT Delhi Students integrate GSM and WiFi handset: Delhi IIT students along with their faculty have established VirtualWire Technologies which plans to bring out dirt cheap handsets that have dual functionality to receive GSM based calls as well as VOIP calls by linking to WiFi networks.
  • HP may design chips in India: ProCurve Networking, a division of Hewlett-Packard is contemplating India to design chips for network switches. The software for these switches is already being developed at the Bangalore HP centre.

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