Indian Companies Luring TV viewers to the Internet

All these days we had advertisements of TV programs splashed all over the Internet in India. It is only now that Internet based advertisements are making their presence felt on the ubiquitous television. Evidently that points to the amount of money there is to be made by driving traffic to the advertised websites.

Two prominent advertisements are making the waves in India. One is from the Yahoo India group that wooes Indian TV audiences to gift themselves a Yahoo mail id. Understandable, given the stiff competition that Gmail is giving Yahoo. The other surprising entry is from the Sunsilk hair care group in India. They have come out with ads for their new site dedicated to the fairer sex. Termed the Sunsilk Gang of Girls, the site is not all blitz. It does have some interesting features like Blogs, Contests and even a Makeover machine that allows visitors to upload photos and adjust hairstyles to their liking. The site design looks cool with lot of Flash and Macromedia stuff. Evidently with so much of work that has gone in to make the site, it does make sense to advertise. If not for monetary purposes, at least to get the brand name rolling on everybody's mouth. And with 509 gangs of girls already registered, it sure looks like having caught the fancy of the targetted audience.

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