IT Czar Speaks Up on Success

Rediff recently interviewed Narayana Murthy, the czar of Indian IT emergence. Speaking on a host of subjects that ranged from the start of his company Infosys to globalization, Indian economy, reduced cycle times for big projects, his retirement as executive chairman from Infosys and 5 elements that he says defintely lead to success, the man provides a beautiful insight into his though process. Here below are the 5 principles that form the cornerstones of success according to Narayana Murthy
  • Openness to Learn: Openness to subordinate your ego to take ideas from others.
  • Meritocracy: The best ideas are adopted and implemented using data to arrive at the best decision.
  • Speed: Assuring you do things faster compared to yesterday and last quarter.
  • Imagination: You continually bring better ideas and better innovation to the table.
  • Excellence in Execution: That is implementation of these great
    ideas with a higher level of excellence today than yesterday.
Food for thought, I would say.

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