Karnataka Assembly Goes Online

Monday will be the opening of another chapter in e-Governance in Karnataka. The Karnataka government has decided to publish online, the recordings of the daily proceedings at the Assembly, for the sake of citizens.

This means that the editing and reporting branch of the Vidhana Soudha would go in for an overhaul. Once fully setup, the branch will be equipped with facilities that will enable
  • the online editing of the session proceedings;
  • compilation of daily deliberations at the house in both Kannada and English
  • linking of question posed by members to the government and the answers provided by government members
  • live coverage of key debates on the web
  • conversion of all audio tapes to CD format
  • completely digitize the archived proceedings of the house of the last 50 years.
All the output from these activities would be available to the common citizen at the official website of the Karnataka government.

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