Learn & Play Cricket Online

Krishnmachari Srikkanth, has retained the madness that is cricket, in him even after years of quitting active cricket play. You can say that he lives and breathes cricket. He is a regular on the cricket shows on different channels. He writes regular columns in various Indian dailies. If that isn't sufficient, he also maintains a cricket blog on CNN-IBN Live website. Now he has gone a step further and opened a gaming site for the millions of cricket buffs like him.

www.KrishCricket.com is a one of its kind cricket zone that allows players to pit themselves against various teams, keep scores, save games for later play too. During playtime, one can choose his players, their field positions for each type of bowler and guess what...even the line and length the bowler will bowl. Now that should whet the appetite of any cricket enthusiast, considering that all of it is for free.

The site is GUI rich and Flash has been liberally used at many a place.

Fans can download mobile versions of these online games for a one time payment. Fans can also download mobile wall papers of the 1983 World cup that Indian won. They also can have cricket lessons tutored via video clips from Srikkanth himself at Rs. 30 a clip. One can also re-live cricket history by sending e-cards to their friends.

As for its popularity, the site, I can say has been a hit among cricket lovers. Launched on 29th May, the site already has 2500 registered players who vie with each other for the top slots based on points earned by matches. There is even a gift scheme for the first 50 players who reach 10000 points.

What next Mr Srikkanth? You have definitely hit the right note by fusing the Internet and the passion for the game. Online Gaming in India just got a booster shot.