Marriage Portal for a Social Cause

Who's not familiar with marriage portals in India. It is not just the net savvy public that goes bride or groom hunting on these marriage portals. Even people who barely have an idea of what the Internet is all about, have the names of at least 2-3 popular portals on their tongue tips to pep up their conversations.,, are few of the popular ones that have been gathering attention over the last few years. With changing attitudes in India, people have been flocking to these sites to find suitable matches. Marriage portals are no more taboo as was the general sentiment when they first appeared on the scene**.

Every marriage portal tries to portray its USP to draw attention. They also fall back on technical innovations on their sites to capture a larger pie of the market. However one such portal launched in April 2006 is singing a totally different song. has a name that says it all. , is a portal launched by,Hyderabad. Here is what the site promoters have to say:
"It is a platform where brides can find out grooms who are against the dowry culture prevailing across India. The objective of is eventually to eradicate the Dowry system which is a thousand years old setback in the society.This website is restricted to the Brides and Grooms who oppose the dowry system to list their profiles for free. It is a platform for like minded aspirants who can contact the listed people through our website and find their suitable match."
Appreciable is the fact that power of Internet has been harnessed to bring together like minded individuals on important social issues.

**The taboo ran so deep that a few even went to the extent of suggesting that people who had certain defects in their horoscopes or had serious body limitations/defects were the only ones who resorted to these portals to try their luck at finding a partner for themselves.


Passion said…
We need exclusively one for inter-caste and inter-religious marriages in India.
Prashant said…
Now a days there are so many marriage portals but i wonder how many are actually doing good.. leaving aside and others like simplymarry and even a few lesser knows are struggling to catch you.