Your Email Mirrors your Traits...and your Love Life too

Don't we all love those "I will tell you who you are" mails based on your best loved trees, your birth star, birth sign, favorite fruit, favorite pet, favorite drink, your first letter and the most bizzare of them all, the one that was based on your innerwear color too.

Recently released is a first of its kind list that will let you know who you are, based on the e-mail Id. you use. It also has a special lovey-dovey section for the romantically inclined. Thanks Vasuki for the spicing up my life.

I am the Gmail mine reads like this.

If your primary mail is Gmail...

Ambitious is the word to describe you. You are never happy with what you got and aspire for something extra all the time. You are considered genius and maverick by your peers. Your friends somehow find it difficult to understand you, your eccentricities and you have your fair share of enemies as well. You are very dependent on the attention you get from everyone.

Romance : You hit off well with people with Yahoo and Rediff mail ids and not with Hotmail.
What's yours? Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail or just a plain corporate id?... Check out who you are here.