India Blogspot Blogs Blocked

The Indian blogging world is waking up to a rude shock the past two days with more and more bloggers reporting that certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are blocking access to the blogspot blogs. Amit of Digital Inspiration was one of the first to break the story and several other eminent Indian bloggers like Amit Varma of India Uncut, Desi Pundit, Neha of Within/Without have been flashing stories of certain blogspot blogs not being accessible via certain ISPs.

There were reports of the ISP representatives speaking of a certain order copy that they have received from the government directing them to block specific blogs. Instead, the ISPs choose the easy route and have blocked the entire domain. Amit in a more recent post confirms that the order from the government is a certainty but the way the ISPs have gone about implementing the order has raised hackles among the Indian blogosphere. Amit though has gone on to provide a detailed mechanism to access blogspot blogs like this one via alternative means in case you are not a position to access the posts. Will keep you all updated as the mystery unravels over the coming days.

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