India IT News Capsule - July 2006, Issue 5

  • DOT orders Indian ISPs to block errant sites only: Facing the heat from the blogosphere for issuing website block orders following the Mumbai blasts, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has put the ball in the ISPs court by clarifying that it wanted only the specified web sites to be blocked by the ISPs and not the parent domains as eventually it happened. DoT came under a lot of fire from the international as well as national community following a blanket clampdown on blogging services in India by the ISPs
  • ICSA receives patents for pipeline and AMR services: ICSA, Mumbai has received two patents on pipeline monitoring services and an Automatic Meter Reading service that it offers. ICSA is a software services company that caters to the power industry.
  • R-System to buy out US firm: R Systems International Ltd. said on Wednesday it plans to buy U.S.-based technical support firm WebConverse for up to $10.7 million.
  • NIIT buys out UK based Element K: NIIT, India's leading computer trainer has bought out UK based Element K for $ 40 million mainly to boost its presence in developed communities. NIIT and Element K together would have more than 3,000 employees, about $250 million in revenues and a presence in 32 countries to offer comprehensive learning solutions
  • Satyam plans BPO branch in Hungary: Satyam's BPO arm Nipuna plans to open up a BPO setup in Hungary, making it the third overseas branch following branches in US and UK. Some of Nipuna’s largest clients include BellSouth, Merrill Lynch, Bear Sterns & Co, Caterpillar Corp and Glaxo-SmithKline.

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