Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mankind's epoch journey via Internet

A few days back a MBA classmate of mine was enquiring about my hometown. I not only told them about it, but also showed her my home via Google Earth. Today another batch mate was reminding himself of having to download an alarm clock into his system to make up for the lack of an alarm clock in his room. This my friend is the digital age we all live in. You don't buy an alarm clock, rather you download it and turn your PC into a live alarm clock. You don't just describe to your friend how your house is located at the U-bend of a river, rather you show them from the sky, the actual spot. You no more have to go searching for a phone to call up your folks home. you just call them up from your PC. You also do not ask the route to the nearest restaurant, rather you Google for it. You don't lug around all your MP3 songs around...You just tune into your favorite Internet radio station. You don't miss your local newspaper while on that lightning trip to the European Union. You just scan the e-version of the newspaper. Chatting on the net too is passé. You just chat like next door neighbours using VOIP. Neither do you wait for that yearly trip of your cousins to your place to show them the snaps of your latest trekking expedition or your new born just e-mail them or even better upload them to Flickr for them to see. Once a never lose track of him/her ...courtesy online social networks like Orkut, MySpace, etc.

All this was not there 150 years ago, neither was it present a 100 years ago. 50 years ago....30 years ago...20 years ago...Nah....Just 15 years to be precise And what a transformation the world has undergone. Dramatic would be a understatement, coz you might have seen your own seniors in the family struggling to grapple with such a monstrous change that is turning yesterday's fiction into today's reality. Sometimes, I myself feel overwhelmed to keep abreast with the kind of changes happening and I am at a dilemma as to what to present to my readers. Sometimes when I think of it all, the whole fantastic fabric of this digital age has been carved by the simplest language man has invented. The binary system with just its '0' and '1' forms the basic building block of all that we do online today.

This unique journey that mankind has embarked on and that we have all been fortunate to be a part of was touched upon by CNN in a beautiful manner. It is must read for all you guys out there.

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