Schools to SMS Parents

SMS has been one overworked technology service in India for sure. We have been innovating continuously to find new uses for the SMS service that has become such an integral part of a middle class Indian's life. So much that the original Nokia alert for SMS message, the ubiquitous Beeeep....Beeeep sound is linked only with an SMS and never with a call.

Now Indian schools seem to have discovered the power of SMS. about 60 schools in Bangalore have tied up with Pac Soft Solutions Ltd. to offer SMS alerts to parents. These alerts would keep parents abreast of how their wards are faring at school - everything from the latest test marks, next proposed parent -teacher meeting, info circulars, fees to be paid and even the day's home assignment allotted to their kids. At times the SMS alerts would direct them to a website for detailed information.

The service is already available at Students of participating schools are given a unique id on registration and parents can get their mobile phones numbers registered.

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Bit Hawk said…
Interesting read!!
Students who once signed on their markscard on behalf of their parents now have to think of ways to stop their parents from getting those sms :))
Roopa said…
Interesting :-)