Monday, August 14, 2006

Google Server Farm in India Soon

This must be music to a Google lover. Yes you heard it right. Google is planning to set up a server farm in India. Following a retreat from India earlier this year, Google is all set to come back to India and with a bigger purse this time and loftier ambitions. Google plans to
  • Set up a special economic zone (SEZ) in Andhra Pradesh, the southern state of India at the cost of upto $1 billion
  • Set up a server farm that the Internet giant is famous for. These secretive server houses are massive data storage zones that are hot linked via high speed lines to Internet backbones that criss cross the world. These farms host websites and also act as a store house for all information available on the internet. be it e-mails, blogs, photos, documents or chat records, and make it available to users when they demand it.
Google's proposal to set up a server farm in India comes on the back of increasing number of internet users in the country. A local server base from Google would mean that Indian netizens would be able to get faster access to data as well as save on access costs while accessing data from across the world. It would also bring down the traffic load on international lines.

If the possibility is realized it will be the Google's second such facility in Asia and the seventh globally. Here below are some interesting facts about Google Data Servers or Server Farms that I filtered from Wikipedia
  • The exact size and whereabouts of the data centers Google uses are unknown, and official figures remain intentionally vague.
  • Google maintains an estimated 450,000 servers, arranged in racks located in clusters in cities around the world, with major centers in Mountain View, California; Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Dublin, Ireland; and a new facility constructed in 2006 in The Dalles, Oregon.
  • Servers are commodity-class x86 PCs running customized versions of GNU/Linux.
  • Over 250,000 servers ranging from 533 MHz Intel Celeron to dual 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium III (as of 2005)
  • One or more 80GB hard disk per server (2003)
  • 2–4 GiB memory per machine (2004)
  • Estimates of the power required for over 250,000 servers range upwards of 20 megawatts, which could cost on the order of 1-2 million $US per month in electricity charges.

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