India's Biggest BlogCamp at Chennai

With the first round of blog camps or (barcamps as they are called more generically) in India ending up, Chennai is about to host the biggest blog camp come this September. Playing host to the 2 day show on the 9th and 10th of September is the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Chennai. is touted to be India's biggest and most comprehensive event that would have exclusive tracks for blogging, podcasting and videocasting.

The whole basis of a blogcamp is the idea that "The expertise of the speaker is lesser than the collective expertise of the audience" This implies, you need to be a participant to attend. You can give sessions, help out with the organizing etc. Most importantly must share the spirit of the BlogCamp learn and share.

To get an idea of how things have been at previous blog camps, here's Amit giving a overview of how the Bangalore BarCamp that was held at Yahoo campus, Bangalore on April 22, 2006.

The topics at Chennai's BlogCamp too have a diverse touch and cover some interesting topics like Branding via Blogs, Professional Blogging, How to Conduct Podcast Interviews: Lessons Learnt, Podcasting As A Hobby, How to set up a videoblog in one day and much more. The blogcamp will be a trailblazer in many ways for the Indian blogosphere.

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Krithiga said…
Vijay, I think the venue's been shifted to Tidel Park, Taramani, Chennai. Here's a blogpost on that.
Vijay said…
Thank you for the update