Tech Saavy Indonesian Friend

I always thought Indian IT or software professionals were among the most tech-obsessive in the world and that included me. That was further supplemented by the fact that Indian bloggers own the most number of tech-blogs on the Internet.

However my whole assumption was given a body blow when I met a certain Mr. Henry (name changed for privacy purposes) at Singapore the other day. He was from Indonesia. He was a self confessed Internet junkie and took interest in anything remotely related to the software or the Internet field. Working for the UN as a Web consultant for past few years, this guy Henry was so obsessive with technology that he had bought himself the latest Nokia model for about 600 Singapore dollars to keep himself connected to the Net at all times. He was extremely knowledgeable in anything technical. So much so that his friend even remarked that he was so involved in surfing that he needed somebody else's help to get the AC he had newly bought for his room. Amazing guy. His room too resembled that of a typical Internet addict with clothes and stuff haphazardly thrown about. Not that there is anything bad about it, but that speaks a lot of how much his attention is taken up by his passion in life : technology. His tech suaveness also came to his aid as he was the most professionally prepared guy during one of the programs we attended together where he not only used the opportunity to introduce himself to other guys but also distributed neat visiting cards so as to ensure he is not one of those "Meet Now - Forget Later" guys you happen to meet at such programs.

Getting to know him was quite a humbling experience because I just realized what extremes tech obsessiveness could take you to. Hats off my friend.