10 million cell subscribers in Delhi soon

The Times Of India reports that New Delhi, the capital of India is soon to have about 10 million cell phone subscribers by October, 2006. It happens to be a feat because of the 25 cities in the world that boast of 25 million people each, very few cities have a mobile penetration of 10 million or over.
The other cities in the list are London, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, New York and Mexico City.

All this is just 10 years after the cellular phone made a splash in the world market. I would say even less in the India as real mobile demand picked up only about 6-7 years ago when the mobile call rates fell from a steep 17 rupees a minute to Re 1 a minute. This was also supported by fall in prices of handsets from Rs. 35000 when they were introduced to Rs. 1500.

I don't see it would be long before we have all the major metros in this list soon.

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