Small fish innovating to survive amongst sharks

Rediff has an interesting read on the kind of tactics the mid sized and small sized software firms in India are adopting to sign deals while working in the shadow of the biggies in the market like Wipro, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Satyam, HCL, etc

While this sheds light on the heavy competitive structure of the industry, this also opens up insights into
  • How first mover advantage has given the biggies a size that the smaller fry are not able to attain.
  • How players in this industry can sustain only if they differentiate sufficiently from their competitors.
  • How dollar flow is what will prop up a company and not the local currency.
  • How dollar flow decides what kind of a talent you have working for you.
  • How the industry is yet to mature to a point where attrition falls to acceptable levels.

Posts with an attempt to throw more light on each of these questions would be forthcoming. Watch out for this space.

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