Blogging to Rev up Traffic to Parent Sites

Blogs are quite a wave these days in India. We had individuals blogging, ladies getting blog power to work for them then celebrities blogging, followed by news channels that started blogging. Now we even have Matrimonial sites blogging. Call it 'riding the wave' or the 'hip-n-hep' factor, matrimonial sites have leveraged blog power and popularity to attract more customers to their core business - hooking up strangers in wedlock.

Bharat Matrimony has started a Relationship blog that it terms as the 'Matrimony Express'. The blog has a set of fixed writers from its panel who blog on a variety of subjects ranging from Etiquette, Grooming, Travel, Romance to exotic topics like Tips to improve one's sex life, customs and rituals, even marriage termination tips. The articles are well written and offer more than decent information on the subject being sought.

How does blogging help the site? Traffic generator to the main site is the obvious answer. With competition hotting up between the various Indian matrimonial sites, blogs would be one more weapon in everybody's armoury. An interesting point not to be missed though is the way Bharat Matrimony has leveraged the interest in its blogs to raise brand awareness among its potential clientele.