Online Job Websites Wage War of Words.

India's two biggest online job companies are engaged in a war of words these days. What's the issue of contention? You may not believe me if I say that it is as simple as the size of each of them. Well, it is. and, two of India's biggest online job websites are shouting hoarse about their sizes and why a potential job seeker needs to register with them and not with anybody else. MonsterIndia started off by saying that it has more one-week old resumes in its database than Naukri. "We have got 72,332 resumes versus 67,208 for Naukri (on September 19)", said president and managing director Arun Tadanki.'s Sanjeev Bikhchandani, co-founder and chief executive officer, shot back mentioning that Arun Tadanki had omitted mentioning certain facts in his interview with Business Standard. Claiming to be twice as big as MonsterIndia based on Alexa rankings, he went on to add that a recent on-purpose manipulation of the way new resumes on site are taken into account by MonsterIndia, was the reason behind its false claim.

The online job website has been booming in India given the booming economy. The ongoing war speaks of the enormous pressure that these site owners are under, to attract and retain customers. Statistics, skewed or not skewed, can have a tremendous bearing on the general trend among job seekers to make beeline to one jobsite over the other. That is a pointer on why neither one is taking the other's claim sitting down.

However what's missing is the innovations to garner greater market pie by differentiating oneself from their competitor. Rather than wash dirty linen in public, the two companies might be better off on making hay while the sun shines.


AK said…
1. Most Jobseekers register on both sites.
2. Ditto with recruiters.
3. It will remain this way as long as most services on the websites are free.

I would ask "Does it really matter how many people signup every week? What matters is how many premium customers each website has". Naukri may have a larger base because it started a bit earlier and the name 'naukri' is more easily identified with what the website stands for (especialy in Hindi speaking areas). Monster loses out a bit on this.
Amir Khan said…
Thank for great information about job search.