Travelling back in Time

Why was I not posting for the last few days? Well, call it "Online information fatigue". Because that was exactly what I suspect I had been suffering from. Stopped blogging, stopped reading blogs, stopped reading news online, restricted Internet usage to only e-mails. Why so? Well, I told you...."Online Information FATIGUE". Yes. You read it right.

I switched to reading actual newspapers that come with news printed in them, for a change. Read the matter written by traditional bloggers, the newspaper columnists. Enjoyed Dilbert on on newsprint rather than on my laptop LCD screen. Solved Sudoku with a pencil rather than my tablet stylus.

In the process, I also discovered how cruel time can be on the traditional media. Time ensures they print what we netizens regard as stale news. No instant gratification on solving the daily crossword cryptic clues. You ought to wait for the next day. No 15 minute self updating stock tickers. You gotta wait for a full 24 hours before the next apprisal on the market health.

However I was also thankful that I did not get distracted by the animated ads doing their jig while I try to concentrate on the thin news column that is broken a few dozen times by another ad or a "Next Page" link. No half naked models swimming around as I read an article on India's stupendous GDP growth. No annoying pop-ups promising you free cursors and free screen-savers every next minute.

You should try it some time and distance yourself from the uber medium that is the Internet for a few days. Go back to experience how it was when we all grew up. A self-imposed trip, back in time, that will leave you enriched anyway. When questioned, you can always say, "Online Information Fatigue". :-)


Suresh S said…
Very much true vijay. We have all sort of almost forgotten that there exists a media beyond internet! and as you have said, a self imposed trip back in time. I would love to give it a try.