Chandamama - Online Edition soon

I still remember the good old days when Dad used to buy me Chandamama magazine for children back in the 80s. I used to pore through the magazine as though there was no tomorrow. The stories that included tales from Panchatantra, the tales of King Vikram and Betal, the Jataka tales really made up a big portion of my reading during my young formative years.

Now I have reason to rejoice. Chandamama is all set to come back and will come out with a complete revamped edition.

The current new management plans to go all out on a 4 pronged strategy to popularise the magazine again. Two of the strategies include
  • going online by uploading all its content on the Internet;
  • making the online edition a portal and “the one safe place for your child”;
Looks like the next generation of kids can grow up just like my generation did....take a Chandamama book to bed.


Thejesh GN said…
Thanks for the link dude.
Anonymous said…
hey! thanks for this link vijay. i used to be a big time fan of chandamama and amar chitra katha... both of which seem to have vanished from lives of kids nowadays!
Vijay said…
Dear Thejesh and Anonymous,

Its true that Chandamama was a very integral part of our formative years. Just wishing that the next generation of kids too grow up with it.

Anonymous said…
Hi, really cool :) I hope something similar happens with amar chitra katha also...

Vijaya K said…
wow! this is interesting news!
keshav said…
Dear Chandamama fans,

I grew up reading Kannada chandamama from the age of 5. I feel nostalgic about it. One good news is that the chandamama website is archiving available old issues in different languages. If you want to relive those memories, please visit the website and download. The link is

I am trying to get old copies of Kannada chandamama issues at any quoted price. can any one help me?

Dr. Keshav