Cool Hotmail for Indians

Heard of CoolHotmail? MSN India has come out with a brand new strategy to push its services in India. That is through CoolHotmail. What's different in it you may ask. The difference is that you get a email that suits your intersts, passion, your geography, your group or something that screams out your favorite star. Thrown in with the unique email id are the 5GB free storage that comes with the Live service. Sample domains include


Bit Hawk said…
I would love to have great features any day than the cool domain names.
But, its an interesting strategy, may be targeting the teen group!
Vijay said…
Of course, we are the tech geeks and our tastes are supremely different :)

However there are millions out there for whom e-mail is just another medium to flaunt their narcissistic attitudes and as you said, teens are one such prime group. For all you know, a strategy like this might just do the trick for the beleaguered Hotmail a.k.a services
prashant said…
I am not sure how successful msn cool hotmail has been... for one, they are not advertising anymore. I agree the service is aimed towards teens but teens may signup and use the service for a year or 2 and then they would realized it is kinda embarassing to give out the funky email to people and then switch. Yeh, maybe even if millions of teens use the service for a year.. msn would make a huge profit.