India Infotech Titbits - 1

Due to repeated requests by the readers of this blog to restart the news updates that I stopped last year, I have decided to reintroduce the feature albeit a slightly different manner. Instead of just supplying the top news items in the IT sector, I will be analyzing them in current backdrop of happenings in the IT world and try to put them in perspective

  • Vavasi Telegence, an Indian company claims to have developed a wireless technology on the lines of the recent Chinese technology. It is based on Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) which will offer high speed mobile wireless connectivity. This technology will be in use as newer bands are opened by the government to support the burgeoning growth in mobile market in India. Termed NG-1 by the company to denote Next Generation-1, the innovation might lie in how the technology is handled and deployed in India to squeeze the last drop of juice it could offer with minimum infrastructure roll out.
  • Hyderabad-based MetroMela Internet Services has launched Covering the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Cochin and Mysore for now, the website claims to highlight everything that these metros offer. Be it the best place to buy electronics or the best place to savor the top cuisines of the city, this site offers it all. The better part of the site is that in addition to information avilable, users can themselves add information too for the benefit of other users. So here we are seeing another of the crowdsourcing efforts in vogue. I personally tried the Chennai microsite and found it quite good. It mentioned that Ritchie street is the place for electonics and Murugan Idly shop to be the best for idlis anytime of the day. Hope to savor it all when I will be there sometime next month :)


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I liked MetroMela, looks interesting!
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