Outplace your emplyees; Don't fire them

You recently changed jobs. You got a better package. You are settling into your new job. Just when you thought you had made a great career decision, comes the revelation. Your former boss in the previous company was hand in glove with the the head hunting company that helped you find your new job. Your former boss didn't want you and did away with you in the easiest possible way. No firing, no handing out pink slips, just get the person a new job.

Does the new package look all that great now? Can't even pat yourself for a great career decision, can you? Feel cheated? Or feel fine that it was win-win for all parties involved?

This is exactly what IT companies in India have started doing as per a report in ToI. Why fire or hand out pink slips only to earn unwanted media attention and a bad name? Isn't this a truly innovative way to get rid of unwanted employees? Just use the head hunting firms, the same channel used for hiring employees to also get rid of them. They even have a name for it - "Out-placement".