State of IT/ITES Startups in India

Nasscom has come out with a new section that features rising Indian IT companies. A platform to help emerging companies in the IT/ITES space in India, the platform enables emerging companies announce their arrival to the wide audience of customers in India and outside.

I have been following this for some time now. Companies with names that sure won't ring any bell in you coz they are are mint fresh - Rising Solutions, Incture Technologies, Kandor Retail, Information System (KRIS), RateGain, Quinnox, Mann India Technologies, Pratham Software, Herald Logic, Diaspark, Pradot Technologies.

Certain interesting aspects I have noticed in the emerging companies
1. They are niche companies (not surprising since you have to start somewhere and need to have a differentiator)
2. They reflect the current sunshine industries in India - Retail, Travel, Transport & Logistics. 30-40% of the compnies provide specific solutions to these industries.
3. They offer cost arbitrage not matachable by the biggies in the industry. That gets me to doubt if offshoring would move away from India. As the biggies move up the value chain, smaller fry feed on the spillovers which analysts keep predicting would move onto newer shores. That will take time still...