Top 3 technology companies to work for in India

Business Today has come up with the "Top 10 Best companies to work for in India" list.

While the top 3 companies are still technology companies, it comes as no surprise that none of the IT services companies have made the list. Blame it on the Satyam fiasco or the recession, the sheen of IT/ITES companies has taken a hit.

While that might only showcase only one side of the story, we should not forget the efforts that the companies that have made it to the list have put in to deserve the rankings they have been given.

As quoted from Business World,

In the last decade that Nagendar Vendula has been with Microsoft, the 41-yearold Master’s in Computer Engineering has transitioned through a variety of roles, ranging from product engineering and management, to managing the software giant’s 300-person in-house IT team. Vendula has moved from Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Virginia, to the Microsoft India Development Centre in Hyderabad, and gone from core engineering of the BizTalk products to managing the disparate IT needs of Microsoft’s partners and customers. “Microsoft helped me make the move from the US to India,” says Vendula. “They not only shipped my personal effects, but also gave me a car and found a premium school for my kids.”

MS does.. it again. In the race to keep the best talent in the industry, Microsoft India has decided to focus on providing its 5,464 employees across sales and marketing, BPO, software development and research, the opportunity to work across a variety of roles. The company is also keen to break the mould and appoint young managers to positions of responsibility. “We hire people for their passion, not for a specific role,” says Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Microsoft India. Around 41 per cent of Microsoft India’s managers are below the age of 35 years and Venkatesan is confident of his young charges delivering the goods.
Inside stories of this nature make a convincing story.