India set to dominate offshore outsourcing for a long time

In this age of "Top 10 rankings", I came across  an interesting one that CyberMedia’s Global Services and investment advisory firm Tholons has labeled "Top Global Outsourcing cities"

The list runs like this
  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Delhi National Capital Region
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Mumbai
  6. Pune
  7. Dublin (Ireland)
  8. Makati City (The Philippines)
6 of the top 8 cities are Indian cities. While rankings will change over time, the current list should leave no one in doubt about the position India has etched for itself as the synonym for outsourcing.

What remains to be see in how long can India sustain her impressive showing. The answer to this, I partly got, from a new book on offshoring that has hit the market. Authored by Robert Kennedy and titled "The Services Shift", a key message brought out in the book is the continued dominance of India for a long time to come as the leader in absorbing offshored outsourcing jobs. Robert in his interview with Forbes says

"China is pretty far behind India and even places like the Philippines and Eastern Europe. It's largely due to a language problem. There are real challenges. Services exports from China will grow, but they won't overtake India anytime soon."
I lay the matter to rest for now. :-)


Interesting.. But when you consider R&D, I feel India has to improve a lot..
As India and China take over the world economy, there will be a greater need for well-trained managers in IT and other fields, especially in the area of outsourcing. Students who begin their studies now will benefit from a much stronger economy when they finish their studies in one and a half to two years. . .