India Information Technology Quiz - Edition 3

It's QUIZ time again. Here's a fresh list of 12 questions to jog your gray matter !
  1. Which Independent Software Vendor is working on the India Digital Heritage product that involves creating virtual recreations of famous Indian heritages that will allow people to take virtual tours?
  2. Which software company arranged for a Internet Bus to tour about 19 towns in cities in the state of Tamil Nadu to educate people on the power of the World Wide Web?
  3. Which Indian recently beat Barack Obama to top the Google's most searched list of phrases, albeit for a dubious reason?
  4. Which Indian company made a large acquisition of the UK based SAP services company which was billed as the largest overseas acquisition by an Indian outsourcing firm pegged at $811 million.
  5. Creating This kind of content has been illegal in India. Now a new version of IT laws has even made browsing of this kind of content punishable. What type of content is being referred to?
  6. What new application from Google allows people to let all their friends and family know about their current whereabouts?
  7. What Indian technology experiment completed 100 days of successful execution on 29th January 2009?
  8. The 3 giants of Internet, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft came together recently to collaborate on an unique project. What was it?
  9. Expand WITCH, a media defined acronym to collectively refer to Indian IT companies.
  10. Which book from Pankaj Ghemawat, a global guru on strategy, challenges Thomas Friedman's statements in "The World is Flat" book by stating that "protectionist walls will go up in developed economies affected by the global downturn and warns Indian information technology (IT) firms against taking false comfort in arguments that they would reap a demographic dividend or adopting a “we have seen crises before” attitude."?
  11. Who has been appointed the chairman of the beleaguered Satyam board by the Government of India?
  12. Which Indian IT company was ranked the 8th best in the world for its training program by Training Magazine that picks up the top 125 among 1000 companies annually?
Last date to send in your answers: 20 Feb 2009

3 entries with the most number of correct answers will find a mention on the blog.

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