Internet Bus - Another googly from Google !!

Who can possibly be contemplating getting the millions of rural Indians on to the Internet as fast as possible. Who possibly stands to gain from such a garangutan task? We all would for sure ....directly or indirectly. But there is one company out there which has everything to gain and would be the first beneficiary in this connection.

No doubt that the company has a professed mission of "making all available information to all people at all times through any channel possible" They will be doing the world a great service in chasing this dream and making it a reality. In the process they stand to gain too. 

Listen to the latest attempt by Google to spread disseminate the power of Internet across the world - The Internet Bus.

Travelling across 19 cities of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, the bus aims to raise awareness among people of the power of the Internet. The official site even has a Google map indicating the travel route of the bus, the timetable and even a Picasa album link that would host photos of the stops the bus makes along its journey during the course of 6 weeks.

The bus is equipped with a dish that links to the satellite directly to provide internet services.

While the whole concept might have borrowed from similar ideas in the past, what lends credence to it is the clout of Google behind the project. For all you know it could even be a precursor to a new experiment that found genesis in the famed Google Labs.

I will keep guessing...


Parwati said…
ya i listen
that is really an other google from google.