Technology sans tech-etiquette proving costly

While the invasion of technology into every fold of our life is not stoppable, the importance and time we give to them is defintely in our control. However, that calls for a measure of restraint from everyone who can't do without technology assisting them in every walk of their life. 
Indians are technology penchants. They have no qualms shouting into their mobiles when travelling on a public mode of transport or in a quiet little restaurant. They care not if the bus is crammed - they need to still use their laptop. They like their ringtones loud and love it when their iPods scream right through their earphones into the neigbour's ear too. The motorcyclist gets the urge to check and reply SMSes only when he is zipping through the busiest road in town. The list goes on and on. While we have embraced technology, the etiquette that comes along has been trashed. No wonder now that things seem to be going on a further downslide. Its our relationships that have started feeling the pinch... Radhika Bhirani has this story on Yahoo India.

Lets do some thing about it today........ Click here to lear about technology manners