The 250th Post capturing the changing Indian IT landscape

My 250th post…and what a dynamic world it is. So many facets of the IT landscape in India have changed in the last 4 years since I commenced blogging. A glimpse into what has changed


  • Hutch exited and Vodafone entered (UK’s major telecom player) competing head-on with the other players in the Indian market
  • 3G that was being talked about has finally seen the light of the day and BSNL/MTNL are already offering the same
  • India conceptualized and successfully launched Chandrayaan-1- its maiden moon mission which for its other wise abrupt end has achieved 90% of its set goals
  • The Dish TV market has exploded with players like Airtel, Sun Direct and Big TV entering the arena that was ruled by DD and Tata Sky initially
  • STD rates have fallen to less than a rupee
  • Newer pulse rates like 1 sec pulse are being experimented with-by players like Tata DoCoMo ( A partnership between Japan based NTT-DoCoMo and Tata Telecom Services, India)
  • India has announced an unmanned Mars mission by 2013-15
  • India has finally announced a focused approach towards a unique citizen identification process – UID program under the stewardship of Nandan Nilekani
  • Broadband penetration in India has reached about 5 million users among the 90 million internet users in India.
  • India announced a $10 laptop scheme along the lines of OLPC – One Laptop Per Child.

 Transformation is happening and also accelerating…Wishing India to change much more rapidly as I blog away to my 500th post :-)

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Bharatesh said…
Congratulations on your fete of 250 very informative & insightful blogs.... wish you be the Tendulkar of blogs... a long long way to go but not an impossible one :-) ....