Chandrayaan clears the air on Apollo…finally !


Remember these photos !! Doing the rounds since email became popular, these photos released when America announced its successful Apollo 4 mission that landed the first man Neil Armstrong on the moon have evoked more doubts than awe.

Controversies on whether the US had actually succeeded in putting a man on abounded following the publication of these photos. The top left photo was deemed a fake based on the different positions of the shadow of the astronauts. The second and third photo was also construed as fake citing a waving flag on an airless moon.

Though the US published repeated reports on why these observations really make sense, the controversies took on lives of their own. That’s until now…

A Camera on board India’s maiden unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 has recorded images of the landing site of US spacecraft Apollo 15, rubbishing conspiracy theories that the fourth US mission to land on the moon four decades back was a hoax.

The Terrain mapper camera (TMC) on board Chandrayaan-1, which had an abrupt end a few days back, has sent the prints of landing site of Apollo 15 and tracks of the lunar rovers used by astronauts to travel on lunar surface

Finally it took an Indian moon mission to put an end to this seemingly never ending scheme.



I believe it was Apollo 11, not Apollo 4 which took Neil Armstrong to the Moon.