Friday, September 18, 2009

Twitter twitter little star…How I wonder what you are?

Twitter mania is catching up everywhere. I got on Twitter….my friend Vasuki’s got on Twitter and now even Facebook has been bitten by the Twitter bug that they have introduced something called Facebook Lite. Though they claim it to be for slow internet connections, it looks more to be a Twitter replacement for Facebook users.

Today the report that Twitter has raised $1B in a fresh round of venture capitalist funding.

One more article from Trackd which says that India might be the 2nd top most country using Twitter.

LiveMint is advising that if you have an idea you are better of testing the waters on Twitter’s incessant chat streams

Even the Indian political babudom is realizing the power of Twitter. Shashi Tharoor’s famous quip on cattle-class ridiculing Congress’s austerity drive is driving congress men into hyper drive in condemning the MoS for External Affairs.

As if all these weren’t tweets enough, there is somebody organizing a Twestival – short for “Twitter Festival”. People around the world connect online and then meet up offline to raise money or awareness for a cause – Thatz what a Twestival is…And this article throws light on how some amazing contributions were gathered in such twestivals …

All I say is “Let the Indians get a hang of this…and you see that a Navaratri of Twestivals is not far off” Ha ha ha…

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